Kemono Friends is one of the hottest anime in Japan today, and It’s even inspiring a stage play adaptation! Now, the staff have finally revealed more details about the stage play adaptation, and it stars a few familiar faces.

Many consider their role as Serval in Kemono Friends as Yuka Ozaki’s breakout role in anime. Now, the rookie seiyuu is reprising her role, but this time, in live-action! Yes folks, not only is Yuka Ozaki voicing the lovable African wildcat in the TV anime, but the live-action stage play as well! Sugoi Sugooooooooi!

Serval actually forms a trio with Raccoon and Fennec called Doubutsu Biscuit. And speaking of Raccoon and Fennec, their respective seiyuu, Saki Ono and Kana Motoyama, also star in the play. Like Ozaki, they’re also reprising their roles for the play.

But Douboutsu Biscuit ain’t the only group to make it from the anime and into the stage play. PPP, or Penguins Performance Project, will also be starring in the play. Like the previous three, the actresses playing them also voiced their respective characters in the TV anime. PPP comprises of Mikoi Sasaki as Royal Penguin, Ruka Nemoto as Emperor Penguin, Kyōka Tamura as Gentoo Penguin, Aina Aiba as Rockhopper Penguin, and Ikuko Chikuta as Humboldt Penguin

Finally, the Kemono Friends stage play will introduce us to Okapi. Hotaru Nomuto, who played Usagi/Sailor Moon in various Sailor Moon stage plays, takes up the role of the mysterious large mammal.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX in Tokyo will host the play from 14th – 18th July. Hiroki Murakami will be directing the stage play, as well as writing its script.

source: Comic Natalie