Japan is Kemono Friends crazy right now, and last season’s sleeper hit ain’t done with Kemono Friends fever just yet! The popular anime about anthropomorphic wild animals has recently teamed up with several zoos across Japan.

The anime first teamed up with Tobu Zoo and Kumamoto Zoo, which became a huge success for them, as well as the animals. Now, several other zoos are following suit, including Sapporo Maruyama Zoo, Chiba Zoological Park, Kyoto Municipal Zoo, and Fukuoka Municipal Zoo.

The collaboration is officially called “Meeting Zoo Friends”, with those zoos selling Kemono Friends merchandise for a limited time. The proceeds from the sale of these goodies will then go to the above-mentioned zoos as donation. This means that not only will fans get Kemono Friends merchandise, but help out the animals as well! The zoos will be selling these merchandise only until 31st May. The items include can badges, leather straps, clear files, as well as pass cases and key chains.

Meanwhile, several zoo-goers have posted images from Tobu Zoo’s Kemono Friends collaboration. Several animal enclosures now feature characters from the anime, such as Lion in the Lion enclosure. Seiyuu Saki Ono, who voices Raccoon in the anime, also recorded several lines for the collaboration. The Zoo also routinely plays her voice recording in their PA system every few minutes.

Fans flocked also Tobu Zoo because of the collaboration, with long lines forming at the ticket gate. The zoos will be running their Kemoni Friends exhibition until 25th June.

Sources: Nijimen and Hachimakikou