Last year, Kensho Ono voiced protagonist Arata Kaizaki for the ReLIFE TV anime. Now, the seiyuu seems to make a very special appearance in the live-action film adaptation of Yayoiso’s ReLIFE manga. Here’s a picture of the film’s Arata, together with the TV anime/stage play’s Arata:

He appears in a small cameo role in the film. This means that he’s involved in both the TV anime and the live-action film. Oh, and Ono also plays Arata in the live-action stage play adaptation, so that makes a cameo in the manga the only thing missing. But before continuing, we must warn that there might be some spoilers ahead.

For Kensho Ono’s cameo appearance, the seiyuu shows up during the film’s cafe scene, enjoying himself. This happens during the scene where the film’s Arata, Taishi Nakagawa, is about to confess to the film’s Chizuru Hishiro, played by Yuuna Taira.

As for the film itself, it will follow the events from the manga, but will have an original ending. The live-action ReLIFE film made its premiere back in 15th April.

source: Movie Natalie