Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) author Yana Toboso has turned to Twitter to express her opinions about certain fans asking her to “stop spoiling them” about her ongoing comic. She stated that if she wasn’t allowed to talk about her work on her own Twitter, then the only topics she could tweet about were mundane things like the weather.

Image by A-1 Pictures / Yana Toboso・Square Enix

She also expressed puzzlement at people who complained to her that her series — which revolves around human manifestations of death gods and their mortal master-hosts, was too morbid. She goes on to say that if people did not like reading her work, then they were free to pick up something else. You can read the complete series of Tweets below (Japanese only):

This is not the first time the Kuroshitsuji author has been involved in fan drama. She once said in a 2010 blog entry, after some naive fans her sent her fan mail saying they read her manga via illegal online manga repositories or watched the animated adaptations on unlicensed streaming sites, “It is the same as shoplifting or leaving a restaurant without paying the bill.”

Yana Toboso also threatened to stop producing content altogether, claiming that, “… we creators and voice actors will not eat; this is no joke, we will starve and die. These actions, to paraphrase a certain Fullmetal Alchemist character, goes against the Law of Equivalent Exchange! If you continue doing them, I really cannot make either anime or manga again.”