Japanese anime director, Yutaka “Yamakan” Yamamoto once said that he’ll save anime, but he’s not exactly fan-friendly. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya director has gained a reputation for arguing with fans online and blocking then them. But with a new crowd-funded anime film coming along, he may unblock a few people.

This is all for his upcoming film, Hakubo, or Twilight, which thankfully doesn’t have sparkly vampires. The fiery Wake Up, Girls director said that blocked fans donating more than 500 yen will be unblocked in twitter. However, less than a day later, Yamakan removed the reward because the crowdfunding platform didn’t allow it. Fans were also a bit skeptical, because they speculated that he would block them again after unblocking. However, the rewards still include a special character illustrations with a handwritten thank you note from character designer Sunao Chikaoka, as well as a phone call with the anime film’s characters.

The crowdfunding goal is at 15,000,000 yen, and so far, they’ve only gotten about 60% of it. Yamakan has stated that he still plans to continue the project even if he doesn’t meet the goals. Twilight is the final entry in Yamakan’s Tohoku trilogy, which involves blossom and Wake Up, Girls. The story follows a girl in Fukushima Prefecture’s Iwaki City during the aftermath of the Great Tohoku earthquake of 2011.

Yamakan has been quite infamous in the anime industry, particularly for his fiery opinions. He once said that the anime industry is now dead, and even got into a few twitter feuds with other anime directors. He also got into a few twitter arguments with fans.

source: Hachimakikou