Nexon’s MapleStory smartphone game app has revealed that they are teaming up with one of 2016’s most popular anime, Re:Zero. The app’s English version will feature plenty of familiar faces from the anime, including Emilia, Ram, and of course, Rem.

As for the characters, Emilia herself will be serving as an NPC to hand out daily quests. She will then give players who complete her quests rewards, such as gift boxes and special titles. Players can also get certain achievements for completing her quest. But, just like Re:Zero itself, players who make the wrong decision have to start over from Day 1… just like Subaru!

Meanwhile, those who create characters in the reboot world after the update will also get some freebies.

Finally, the Re:Zero collaboration also brings in some goodies from the Cash Shop. The Surprise Style Box can get some avatars to look like Re:Zero characters, though what they get is random. Meanwhile, the Re:Zero Hair Coupons can get some game avatars to get that Re:Zero look as well. Finally, the Re:Zero Random Box can get players some Re:Zero-themed equipment. These include Life in Another World Medal, as well as the Re:Zero Medal. These items have crazy stats, so those who get them are really lucky. The Random Box also offers up other rare items as well.

The update to bring in these additions will happen on 11 May 2017. Interested players can now download the game for free via their official website.