Miku Hatsune – Count-down to 10th Anniversary Fan Collection Face-Off – Singapore Winner #1: Teo Chee Hao

My name is Teo Chee Hao and I am from Singapore. I am a 17-year-old student currently pursuing a diploma in Singapore Poly. Hatsune Miku has made an impact on my life.

I first encountered her through seeing my friend play Project Diva Arcade back in 2011. I asked my friend more about her and was blown away at the fact that she is a vocaloid and how she is a programme used by artists to create songs.

I was hooked and started listening to many of her songs, starting with classics suck as ‘Triple Baka’, ‘World is mine’ and ‘ievan polka’. When Miku made an appearance in Singapore in 2011, I begged my parents to allow me to go and was in awe at the technology involved to make her come to life.

What’s more is that she is not even human and yet she managed to unite so many different people together in a hall to sing along to her songs. That solidified my admiration for her.

Six years later, I find myself eagerly sharing with you all about my passionate hobby of collecting Miku merchandise. I mainly collect plush toys and nendoroids as I feel they capture the ‘moe’ of Miku the best! My friend and I made an LED negi in 2013 and brought it with us to attend kz livetune’s performance at I love anisong 2013

Congratulations to Teo Chee Hao for winning an exclusive Miku Hatsune prize pack courtesy of AFA World and WOW Japan!