Miku Hatsune – Count-down to 10th Anniversary Fan Collection Face-Off – Singapore Winner #2: Andrew Ho

Hailing from the sunny island of Singapore, a casual fan by the name of Andrew sought to showcase his love for the digital songstress Hatsune Miku and her siblings. An engineer by trade, he first heard of the term “Vocaloid” 10 years ago from a Japanese video site similar to Youtube known as NicoNicoVideo.

Shortly not long after, he got his first taste of Vocaloid merchandise at that year’s NatsuComi (Summer Comic Market). Back then, Miku was still largely unknown and there was no long queues during the event for her products. Slowly but surely, she caught the attention of the masses; and following which, so did Andrew’s collection grow.

More than just a “shrine” to her, Andrew’s collection is also a testament of friendship. A good part of his collection is fan-made and hand-made, as well as rare items that comes from his circle of friends. To a majority of his friends, nothing could be easier to come to mind when they visit the land of the Rising Sun. Among these, stickers from the famous Domino’s Pizza and a car sticker from the Sepang Race Track, repainted Nendroids, as well as signed copies of CDs and vinyl records.

All in all, Andrew would like to say that his collection may not be the largest, but it definitely holds a special place in his heart for all the friends who had brought the little things back.

Congratulations to Andrew Ho for winning an exclusive Miku Hatsune prize pack courtesy of AFA World and WOW Japan!