Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid aired its final episode earlier this week, which of course made a lot of fans sad. But the anime’s seiyuu paid a huge tribute to the series at around the time of Episode 13’s airing. Yuuki Kawahara, who voices Tohru, and Yuuki Takada, who voices Elma, tweeted their own tribute sketches for the anime. Yes folks, they drew these illustrations themselves!

Yuuki Kawahara

Yuuki Takada

Well, at least they’re no Yuu Kobayashi… because the Attack on Titan seiyuu is in a league of her own artistically. Good thing they’re not on Takuya Eguchi’s level either.

And Speaking of the seiyuu from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, the cast also cosplayed their characters! This was in celebration of the anime’s final episode. The cast then thanked the fans for all their love and support.

images via @yuuki_0624 and @sunflower930316