Moji port used to be a foreign trade place. It has more than 120 years history from the beginning of the Meiji era (1872 to 1914). Therefore, several of the buildings in Moji port were built in the Meiji era and it is still standing today!

Left: One of the famous restaurants in Moji port, こがねむし.

Above: Signature food “Baked curry”

As you make your way through Moji port, you will find a lot of interesting attractions such as the Kyushu railway history museum, the telephone history museum and the art galleries. When you are in Moji port, it would make you feel like as if you had travelled back to the past, as such Moji port is famous for the regal and nostalgic atmosphere.
I personally enjoyed the NTT Moji telecommunication history hall very much, as you can see how the telephone had changed with the passing of time. In this museum, there is a booth exhibiting the telegraphic communications equipment which was used in Taisho era. You can even experience this machine and learn how telephone used to work in the old days.

Before a visit to the hall, I never thought of how the phone was used in the past. I got really surprised and at the same time, I felt the magnificent progress of the technology today.

In this museum, there is an English speaking staff and she can explain the history in details, making it more enjoyable!  I would recommend you to make a call before visiting, to ensure that the English speaking guide is available.

NTT Telecommunication history hall

Working hour: 09:00~17:00
Admission fee: Free
Contact: (+81) 93 – 321- 1199

Additional information: 
In Moji port, you can rental a bicycle ! Instead of walking, ride a bicycle and tour around Moji port !

Working hour: 10:00~18:00
Price: JPY500/day


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