Musical Touken Ranbu “300 Year Lullaby” has successfully wrapped all sixty of its performances in Japan last 23rd April 2017. The grand finale was also broadcast in cinemas worldwide via live viewing, to considerable attendance by their international fans.

The production of Musical Touken Ranbu “300 Year Lullaby” has proudly announced on Twitter that a new set of shows in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka from November 2017 to January 2018. The shows will be held at premier venues Nippon Budoukan (Tokyo), Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka), and Saitama Super Arena (Saitama); the venue for Kyoto will be announced at a later date.

Photo by Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

In addition, the special performance of Musical Touken Ranbu “300 Year Lullaby” at Hiroshima’s Itsukushima Shrine will be released as a BD and DVD. The upcoming release ties in with the 20th Anniversary celebration of Itsukushima Shrine’s induction as a World Heritage Site in November 2016. The release date for the BD and DVD is scheduled for August 2017.