The practice of slapping anime characters all over personal items is coined “ita”, literally “painful”, in Japanese. There are itasha (cars), itabikes, itabags, and now ita-nails! “Self Anime Nail” is a how-to book that will teach fans how to do simple but fun character nails, with themes such as Osomatsu-san, Attack on Titan, and Yuri!!! on Ice!

Photo by Nail Salon Venus Rico / Fufu no Tomo Sha

Self Anime Nail teaches you not just how to do your nails, but also how to decorate stick-on nails with anime motifs. The book was released just this week in Japan, last 26th April 2017, for JPY 1200. If you have an Amazon Japan account (or an account at a Japanese buying service), it can be easily purchased from this link.