Fate fans, rejoice, because this is the news many of you have been waiting for! After a lot of waiting, Fate/Grand Order is finally getting its very own official English version! In fact, Aniplex of America has revealed that they will be releasing it sometime in summer 2017! They also released a new announcement video to reveal the English version:

Aniplex of America also launched a new official website for the English version. There, they revealed that while the game generally presents itself in English, the character voice-overs are still in Japanese. This means that the voices of the characters’ original seiyuu will also be headed to the English version.

The website also revealed the English version’s system requirements, as well as the staff:

With the original Japanese version proving to be one of the country’s most successful game apps, the English version certainly has a lot to prove. The staff will reveal more details about this upcoming Fate smartphone game for iOS and Android.