As we previously reported, the Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro is offering fans a Gintama-themed room. For a limited time until 31st August, the hotel will feature a Japanese-style room with a completely Gintama theme. However, as the hotel opened reservations last 31st March, fans jumped on the opportunity and the rooms sold out within the week!

Guests who reserved the room can now stay on it starting today, 14th April. These guests get a special Gintama surprise as they enter their rooms, as Gintoki and the gang greet them!

The rooms feature Gintama life-size standees, pillows, and of course, those freebies they’ve been promising. There’s also a lot going on in the rooms too! From Sadaharu munching your head off as a curtain to a Gintoki Dakimakura, these rooms are really celebrating the anime! Oh, and they’re also promoting the live-action film as well!

While they’ve already sold out the rooms, here are their rates, just in case you guys are curious:

A Room:

2 people: 25, 000 yen

3 people: 18,500 yen

4 people: 15,000 yen

5 people: 13,000 yen

B Room:

2 people: 28, 000 yen

3 people: 21,000 yen

4 people: 17,000 yen

5 people: 15,000 yen

C Room: 

2 people: 30, 000 yen

3 people: 22,000 yen

4 people: 18,000 yen

5 people: 16,000 yen

As for the freebies, the hotel is giving away character acrylic stands, message cards, IC card stickers, and a fundoshi-type hand towel. Pretty neat, especially for Gintama fans, right?

Source: Prince Hotels official, images via Crunchyroll and Anime Now