Ever thought about what it might feel if you have some Pokeballs around your belt? Well, Bandai seems to have a solution with these new Pokeball breath mint holders, where you can walk around feeling like a real trainer, complete with fresh breath of course! Just don’t forget to shout “Breath Mint, I choose you” when popping one.

These Pokeballs also have clips in them so you can attach them to your belt. Just remember, you can only keep SIX of them at a time or you have to send the rest to Bill or Professor Oak’s lab.

And if you don’t want a regular Pokeball, fret not because there are eleven balls that come in the set! These include the standard Pokeball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball, and of course, the freaking Master Ball. Oh, and there’s also Luxury, Premiere, Dusk, Quick, Timer, Heal, and Dive Balls. Sorry folks, there’s no Heavy Balls or Lure Balls here… yet.

They will also include three small packs of breath mints for the set. Premium Bandai has now opened pre-orders for 7,020 yen, and will then release these balls in September 2017. But always remember, when you open one, always shout “Breath Mint, I choose you!”

Source: Rocket News 24