Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva gained a lot of internet cred when she did a Sailor Moon-themed routine. When she came back to Tokyo for the International Skating Union World Team Trophy competition, she actually brought back that routine! Complete with Luna, a henshin scene, and of course, Moonlight Densetsu playing in the background, she really wowed everyone once again!

She really got an ovation from that crowd, huh? But did you know that she’s also one huge Yuri on Ice fangirl? Yes folks, she’s not just a Moonie (Sailor Moon fan), but also an avid follower of the anime about her sport. She even posed with fellow-Russian, Victor Nikiforov.

And apparently, the anime’s own character designer, Tadashi Hiramatsu, is also a fan of hers’! It turns out that she competed in the first skating event that Hiramatsu watched since the anime aired. He was impressed by her, and even drew her in a tribute art!

Yeah, she’s probably in fangirl heaven right now. And not only that, but apparently, Sailor Moon mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi is also her fan! Way to go, girl!

Sources: @yurionice_PR and @JannyMedvedeva