The Ensemble Stars TV anime might still be postponed, but one of its seiyuu still got hitched! In his blog, seiyuu Masami Itou revealed that he has married theatre actress, Suzu Maihara. The seiyuu also posted photos of them tying the knot in his blog.

Itou wrote that he will continue to fight on with his bride, and also mentioned that they are a “couple which fights on”.

The seiyuu is best known for voicing Izumi Seno in the smartphone game, Ensemble Stars. He was scheduled to also appear in the TV anime adaptation until GENCO postponed the project. Apart from being a seiyuu, Itou-san is also a theatre actor, and has even released several CDs as part of Ensemble Stars. If the anime didn’t get postponed, he was supposed to make his TV anime debut. Meanwhile, his new bride is a member of the theatrical troupe, Shingidan Mumei Classics.

Source: Nijimen