Sorry ladies and gentlemen, looks like Attack on Titan and Yuri!!! On Ice seiyuu, Yoshimasa Hosoya, may be out for a while. In his official website, the seiyuu revealed that he would have to take a break from work. It seems that the seiyuu has been having some throat problems lately.

Because of this, his doctor advised him to take a break to treat his throat. This then results to the hiatus. The seyuu apologised deeply to his fans, and also thanked them for their support.

However, Hosoya did promise that he will comeback before the year ends. Hurray!

The seiyuu previously voiced Otabek Altin in Yuri!!! on Ice, as well as Koujo Akatsuki in Strike the Blood. He is currently voicing Reiner Braun in Attack on Titan season 2, as well as Fumikage Tokoyami from My Hero Academia season 2.