The Sony Store at 313@Somerset is proud to present one of the most innovative and most creative talents to come out of the Japanese subculture art scene! John Hathway is a freelance illustrator who blends art and physics into his work. His art features a fusion different mediums such as robot development, software, stories, animation, and 3D graphics.

John has developed a dynamic style of his own. Since then, he has collaborated and presented his work with several major exhibitions such as ArsElectronica exhibition in Austria, the Kobe Biennale in 2015, and Yahoo JAPAN’s The Mother of Internet Project. The Sony Store at 313@Somerset joins this exclusive line up of exhibitions with the upcoming John Hathway showcase.

About John Hathway

John is a renowned Japanese illustrator who graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2004, with a Master degree of physical engineering. He then went on to pursue his PhD the following year, serving concurrently as a special researcher under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, specialising in quantum limit physics.

In recent years, he set up his own brand, JH lab, in hope to connect his works with the public. Establishing various crowdfunding projects, his works has been turned beyond just illustrations.

About Shinkukan Dolls

Shinkukan Dolls is a joint development project with SONY Music Entertainment. Shinkukan was originally a 2-player tarot card-sized Trading Card Game, to be played within 30 minutes. Set in a an alternate Akihabara city, it was reimagined into a floating city where science has advanced to a point where anti-gravity is made possible. Players take the role of Shinkukan Dolls, a series of android containing souls, the game is a simulation of modifying these Shinkukan Dolls, creating a rich drama between the player as the main character and the dolls.

The Android version of Shinkukan Dolls, developed by Gulti under SME game app, was released August 2016. Before the game was even release, it has already attracted more than 200,000 players to register for the game.

Shinkukan Dolls: The Story Thus Far

Around the year 2000 A.D. a study on the correlation between physics and spirituality immersed. Sprits were discovered to have meaningful physical qualities deemed similar to a form of energy. During the time, the unique geometric layout that electron vacuum states possessed, was known to be effective in conversion and amplification of electromagnetic and spirits.

Coincidentally, the structure of those electron vacuum states matched the structure of the obsolete vacuum tubes, marking a technological regression from the modern semiconductor Vacuum tubes. This proved effective in the amplification of spirit-born power (often said to be faith or magic), but by using an inverse application, they were used to produce a spirit of electrical intelligence.

Shinkukan androids are AI with the same spirits that human beings possess, which are capable of producing energy, and they are able to make decisions like a human. Shinkukan androids have various modern uses, such as becoming partners to humans and supporting businesses.The performance of a spirit is determined by the core of the corresponding vacuum tube’s structure and properties, which were standardised by the Vacuum Tube Business Consortium.

Take Home John Hathway’s Books Today!

Want to take home John Hathway’s intricate and mind-bending landscapes? Then we’ve got good news for you! Limited copies of books from John Hathway’s exclusive print runs are available for online orders for his fans in Singapore. Simply visit from 11th to 26th April 2017 (Wednesday) to purchase his books online.

Please note that prices stated are exclusive of administration and payment gateway charges. All pre-orders will be ready for collection in early May 2017. Fans who have pre-ordered John Hathway books will be contacted via email for further updates.

Where’s Walien?

Did you know that in the world of John Hathway, not just AI & humans, extra-terrestrial beings such as aliens co-exist with all other beings. Walien, one of the alien species is hiding somewhere within the artworks, can you find Walien? If you’re up for the challenge, you can also win free books from John Hathway’s catalogue worth over SG$111!

Simply visit the John Hathway exhibit at the Sony Store at 313@Somerset and find Walien in some of the massive art pieces. Take a photo as instructed and send your entry via this online form to join the prize draw! Sharpest eyes and fastest fingers win!

John Hathway at CREATORS SUPER FEST 2017

To see even more of John Hathway’s works, come to Jakarta’s Creators Super Fest 2017, slated for the 29th and 30th of April 2017 at the Pullman Grand Ballroom, in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Tickets are now available! Get ready to see some of John Hathway’s original art tapestries, and purchase some limited edition books from his very exclusive print runs. Find out more at the official CSF 2017 website at