Sankei Tours has opened a special cultural evening walk with the one and only Sumire Uesaka, who is also known as Sumipe to her fans. This cultural evening walk will have a minimum of 135 people expected to attend, as well as several tour conductors accompanying them.

The tour will take place on 27 May 2017, while the travel package costs 49,800 yen. It will take place in Oarai, the holy land for Girls und Panzer fans, and also includes a stay at the Oarai Seaside Hotel. This one night and two day tour will also include a summit, as well as a “research presentation”.

The tour will kick off at their meeting place in Otemachi before heading to Oarai. There, the staff will divide the participants into seven different groups, which have such cute names that Sumope herself seems to have thought of. The team names include “Soviet Russian unit”, “Railway Research Department”, “Cosplay Art Division”, “Moe Military Division”, and others. And of course, they will also do a bit of hiking with Sumipe herself!

Previously, she held a strawberry picking session with her fans, though only a few of them could join. Because they held a lottery to determine who could join in, a few fans seem to have tailed her on their itasha. The itasha tailing the tour group really stood out, and some people apparently stopped them. When asked what they were doing, they replied that they were just driving by the road. They apparently tailed her from their designated meeting place near Tokyo Station.

Riiiiiiiiight, so they were just doing an itasha caravan in the same direction as Sumipe’s tour group…

Source: AKB48 Matomemory and Nijiboi