Tobu Zoo recently teamed up with last season’s cult hit, Kemono Friends. The zoo also featured cutouts of the Kemono Friends characters in their real-life animal counterparts’ enclosures. However, one particular animal got a bit too close to its Kemono Friends counterpart. Meet Grape-kun the Humboldt Penguin, who Crunchyroll recently featured in a new Facebook video.

Apparently, when the zoo keepers placed a cut-out of Humbuldt Penguin, AKA Hululu, in the Humboldt Penguin enclosure, one particular penguin, Grape-kun, wouldn’t stop staring at her. It’s as if the adorable little bird just couldn’t stop thinking about his new waifu. In fact, Grape-kun doesn’t want to leave the area where Hululu’s cut-out is. He’s so attached to Hululu that he doesn’t socialise with other penguins, and doesn’t even eat!

Because of this, the zookeepers now have a new problem in their hands. Since he’s too busy staring at his waifu to even eat, the zookeepers decided to separate Grape-kun from Hululu. Sorry buddy, it’s for your own good!

But then again, Grape-kun escaped! Looks like you couldn’t just keep this penguin from his waifu!

Grape-kun’s struggles in love for his waifu even caught the attention of social media. Fans all over the world showed their love for Grape-kun as they drew artworks of the two.

Follow your dreams Grape-kun, just follow your dreams! If you think 2D penguin girls are better than real-life ones, then so be it!

Sources: @sisukatonToto Kichimitsumotocs