The official YouTube channel for Japanese film distributor, Shochiku, streamed not one, but two new live-action Tokyo Ghoul film trailers! The first video is the all-Japanese version, while the second is the English version. The English version of the trailer also comes with Japanese audio.

Both videos introduce the main cast members, as well as the film’s Japanese release date, which is on 29th July. Masataka Kubota stars as the half-ghoul male lead, Ken Kaneki. Meanwhile, the controversial Japanese actress, Fumika Shimizu, stars as the ghoulish female lead, Tohka Kirishima. The video also introduces some of the other cast members, including Yuu Aoi as Rize Kamishiro. EXILE’s Nobuyuki Suzuki plays Ghoul investigator, Koutaro Amon, while Yo Oizumi plays Kureo Mado.

Kentarou Hagiwara is directing the film, which has now finished principal screening. However, the film’s promotions got into a bit of a speed bump, as lead actress Fumika Shimizu decided to retire from acting. The controversial actress decided to retire for religious reasons, so she will not be attending any events to promote the film. But since Shimizu has now finished filming all her scenes, the film’s release cannot be stopped anymore.

The film is based on Sui Ishida’s bestselling horror manga of the same name. It follows Ken Kaneki, a boy who meets a beautiful girl, who turns out to be a man-eating ghoul. However, they meet an accident as she tries to eat him, and now, he suddenly becomes a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. Now, Ken Kaneki faces two worlds which are at war with each other.