It seems that the time to be able to really marry our waifus is almost at hand! Japanese game developer, Hibiki Works, is holding a “wedding” event at an actual chapel, and “grooms” can marry one of the three heroines from their latest game, Niitzuma LovelyxCation. Oh, and the grooms are required to wear a tuxedo since this is a formal event.

“Niitzuma” means “New Wife” in Japanese, and Hibiki Works is really taking the concept to a whole new level with this event. The wedding takes place in an actual wedding chapel in Japan, though Hibiki Works still hasn’t revealed where. The virtual wedding ceremony will actually feel like an actual one, as an actual wedding coordinator is also helping out. They will also be conducting each wedding in private, so nobody else can bother you and your waifu.

“Grooms” can choose one of three brides for this VR experience, and they are:

Yuki Isurugi

Aiko Kurihara

Nono Naruse

While they haven’t revealed the chapel yet, Hibiki Works will start accepting registrations from 28th April until 28th May. Incidentally, they will also be releasing the Niitzuma LovelyxCation game for PC on 28th April. As for the wedding ceremony itself, they will be holding it in that undisclosed chapel on 30th June. As they always say, June is the perfect month to get married!

source: Rocket News 24