As Golden Week approaches in Japan, everyone is packing up, heading to different destinations in the world to enjoy their long holidays. For many, who are still in Japan, not travelling because of work or their empty wallets will find themselves something special that started last week.

McDonald’s has finally revived their 15 McNuggets promotion at 390 yen, with a surprise added to it, Wasabi Mayonaise and Teriyaki Mayonaise sauces to enjoy it with.

We went ahead to purchase this great deal, and have a taste test of what kind of flavours we will be against with this time!

15 nuggets for only 390 yen. This awesome deal will make a great night snack, an addition to your meals or if you would like to do a 100-nugget challenge.

Starting it off with the Wasabi Mayonaise sauce, which is supposed to be favoured by more adults. This sauce starts off with a light and sweet mayonaise taste, following up with a packed wasabi aftertaste that hits u well after. As you might not find much spicy flavours in the fast food restaurants in Japan, you might want to look forward to this one!

Next on! The Teriyaki Mayonaise sauce, made for people who might not enjoy the taste of wasabi. This kiddy sauce is great if you enjoy something really salty. An overall creamy and salty will definitely make you beg for more. If you are not up for something that is too heavy or strong, dip lightly or go for something else.

This promotion will be available all the way till 16 May, and the sauces will be available for every McNugget purchase (1 sauce for 5 McNuggets, 3 Sauces for 15 McNuggets). If you are travelling in Japan or plan to make your way down here during this period, do work your way down to any McDonald’s store!