In the midst of all the animated boy bands and moe idol groups at AnimeJapan 2017, one exhibition space stands out from the rest: Marvelous Women’s Puroresu exhibition ring. That’s right — they actually build a miniature wrestling ring in the East 2 Hall, and held a small exhibition match featuring Mavelous’ brightest female wrestling stars.

Chigusa Nagayo, a Japanese female professional wrestler, founded Women’s Pro-wrestling Marvelous in 2015. Since then she has been actively and steadily growing the brand both in Japan as well as overseas. She has even organized an event in New York City, to feature not just her stable of Japanese female wrestlers, but up and coming talent from the US as well.

To stir up interest and to provide a back story for the lady wrestlers (and the unfortunate gents who were victims to their sits, spins, and throws), they took up anime-inspired personas that were a combination of historical figures, fighting game character tropes, and even some popular Japanese memes. All these combined made for an interesting show for AJ’s usual crowd, and hopefully Marvelous rises through the ranks to join K1 and other popular contact sports franchises very soon.