On its 21st year as part of Japan’s internet landscape, Yahoo JAPAN has launched a new historical project called “The Mother of Internet“. The multi-media, multi-disciplinary project tracks the path of Japanese internet from its conception and birth, up to its 21st year in existence.

The Mother of Internet” was conceptualized and created in partnership with Japanese artist, illustrator, and scientist John Hathway, who is renowned worldwide for his highly detailed and mind-bending urban landscapes. By combining science, art, and the internet to form a vast collage in the shape of the city, visitors to the Mother project can see how the world wide web has grown within Japanese society.

Here are some of the anti-gravity world illustration from the website.


The Mother of Internet Shibuya Scramble Crossing Ad

The project is massive — it is not just found online, but also in the busy streets of Tokyo. Towering ad billboards dot Tokyo’s skyline, including one at the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing. This is a testament not just to Yahoo JAPAN’s innovative vision on what the internet was and could be, but also to the complex and intricate ways John Hathway’s creativity intersects art and science.



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