Remember the photo we posted a few days ago about Yui Ogura working with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in a new project?

The mystery unfolds as it has been announced that KFC is working with her in a brand new mini-drama, “What if Yui Ogura…”.

The drama will be available on AbemaTV’s Anime 24 Channel on 13th April. There will be 6 parts to the drama and approximately 3 minutes each.

Yui Ogura commented that she did not know whether she was the right person for this job, but it made her really excited and she had lots of fun playing the role in this drama. She also added that it was a whole new experience over what she regularly does.

Having to play the role in this drama, she was given a chance to enjoy all the delicacies that KFC has provided her with and she is getting to love KFC more and more.

Yui Ogura added that it is a drama that all her fans have to catch. They will find a different side of her inside this drama and it actually makes her feel happy but embarrassed to act in them.

Take a look at these preview pictures of this delicious project.

We are really excited to see this upcoming project and we really want to catch the even cuter side of Yui Ogura. Just a few more days before we get to do so!