The official YuiKaori website has some very sad news for fans, as they revealed that the seiyuu duo is ceasing activities. They will cease their joint activities with effect from 30th June 2017. They are doing this so that both seiyuu can focus on their individual careers.

The website then thanked fans for their support after seven years. The two seiyuu then posted individual messages to their fans via the website. Yui Ogura started it off as she thanked fans for being with her through all the hardships through these seven years. Meanwhile, Kaori Ishihara also thanked fans, though she also offered her sincerest apologies. She then adds that she’s happy to be able to spend time with everyone as part of YuiKaori.

The news also comes as Ishihara announced that she is leaving her current agency, Sigma Seven. The two performed plenty of AniSongs together, including Joukamachi no Dandelion and Akiba’s Trip the Animation.