After moving from King Records to amuleto, Yukari Tamura put her singing career on hold for a while. Now, she’s going back on stage! Her official website revealed that she’s resuming her musical career, starting off with a string of musical events.

Her first event coming back will include something with her fan club, Mellow Pretty on 25th June. She will then hold a 2-day live at the Yokohama Arena from 26 – 27 September 2017. This will be her first big concert since leaving King Records and then going to amuleto.

The singer and seiyuu revealed that she intends to continue her singing career even after leaving King Records. Yukari Tamura is best known for voicing Lyrical Nanoha’s Nanoha Takamichi, as well as Higurashi’s Rika Furude.

Source: Music Natalie