Kemono Friends has proven to be one of this year’s most surprising sleeper hits. From memes to that one certain penguin fanboy, fans just can’t get enough of the series. Now, the staff revealed that they will be marathoning all 12 Kemono Friends episodes. And it just won’t be a Niconico live stream, but they will also hold a live viewing event!

Niconico Live will be streaming all 12 episodes in a marathon starting 22:00 on 26th May. The anime’s director, Tatsuki, will also be commenting on Niconico as the marathon goes along.

As for the live viewing event, they will also hold it at around 22:00 on 26th May. Shinjuku Baltic 9, as well as other select theaters across Japan, will be holding the marathon. Tickets for the live viewing event cost 3,000 yen.

The anime recorded the highest number of comments in Niconico history. Its first episode had over 5 million views on the streaming website as of 4th April, surpassing the likes of Attack on Titan. The anime’s success was so huge, that even the staff didn’t see it coming.

In fact, they pretty much gave up on the project, low production value and all. This is because the Nexon-developed smartphone game the anime was based on flopped and got cancelled before the anime even aired. But as we all know now, that didn’t stop Kemono Friends from becoming the hottest anime of winter 2017.

source: Animate Times