Reki Kawahara made a name for himself with his light novels, Accel World, and of course, Sword Art Online. Both series have lots of merchandise, especially the latter. As creator, Kawahara gets lots of these merchandise as samples, but sometimes, he receives more than he bargained for.

In his twitter page, Kawahara posted photos of his home, which seems to be cluttered with Sword Art Online merchandise. He recently tried organising his stuff, but then admitted that he’s running out of space to put them. He also said that he wants to do something about his tons of merchandise, but then added he finds it hard to let them go.

The light novel author also posted that a lot of his merchandise come from overseas. This includes a key chain, as well as a cosplay magazine. And apparently, he has a lot of jigsaw puzzles as well.

Since he doesn’t want to part with them but is running out of space, might we suggest he seek advice from Mari Kondo? Kondo earned the reputation as the  Japanese queen of tidying up, and if there’s someone who can fix the author’s clutters, it’s her.