Every year, Tokushima’s bi-annual anime event, Machi Asobi, features an up and coming seiyuu as Tokushima Station’s Station Master. For Machi Asobi Vol 18, they chose rising star, Akane Fujita, who currently voices Sagiri Izumi in Eromanga Sensei. She then greeted everyone while wearing her station master uniform.


The seiyuu then kicked off her station master duties by greeting the crowd coming into Tokushima Station. She also greeted her fans, who came to the station just to see her work.

And speaking of Eromanga Sensei, the ongoing TV anime also held its own stage event during Machi Asobi.

ufotable head honcho, Hikari Kondo, organises Machi Asobi twice a year, every May and October. The city of Tokushima hosts the city-wide event, and also acts as a venue to promote the city’s tourism. The event started out last Friday, 5th May, and will then wrap up on Sunday, 7th May.

Source: 0takomu and @oreimo_eromanga twitter page