Manga Action Magazine has a new idol manga! Although it will just be a one-shot series, it would be featuring AKB48 idols, Yuki Kashiwagi and Mayu Watanabe. Ojisan and Marshmallow mangaka Rekomaru Otoi illustrated the new manga, which also featured himself in the story.

Manga Action also featured the two idols together with their manga counterparts on the cover. The manga follows the two as they conduct an interview with mangaka Rekomaru Otoi. During the interview, the idols say that they still want to be idols 10 years from now, and they even promised Otoi that they will do another interview with him if they’re still idols by then.

Otoi will definitely be looking forward to 2027, that’s for sure! So, what do you think of Yuki Kashiwagi and Mayu Watanabe’s respective manga versions?

Source: Manga Action Official