Seiyuu Aya Hirano recently appeared on the KANJANI Eight no The Mozart Ongaku Ou Number 1 Ketteisen TV program. During the program, she went against 13-year-old singer Takuto Koguchi in a karaoke competition. It was to see which singer would score the highest singing Evangelion’s legendary OP, Cruel Angel’s Thesis. Needless to say, Aya-chan won a lot of hearts that day.

She really impressed a lot of people during her performance, but she fell short of winning. Her 13-year old opponent scored 99.368 points, while Aya Hirano only scored 98.997 points.

She may have lost, but she did show fans that she’s still got it. It was still a very close fight, but many people commented that she should have won. But then again, maybe the results would have been really different if they sang “God Knows”.

But that reaction though…

Source: Yaraon!