The term “GunPla is Freedom” has been used time and time again in various GunPla circles. First uttered by the 3rd Meijin Kawaguchi in Gundam Build Fighters Try, many modelers stuck with that code when customizing GunPla. This holds true with GunPla modeler, Otoyan, who posted this nice camouflage GunPla. Can you find it?

So did you guys managed to find the kit? It’s an old RX-78-2 Gundam kit from the 80’s, just in case you need a clue. And yes, we saw his Super Sonico mug too!

Otoyan also got a lot of praises for his work, with many retweeting it. Here’s what it looks like without that box background:

The original line of GunPla kits actually required painting, as opposed to today’s kits where painting is optional. It seems that the modeller had put in a lot of thought on how to paint such an old kit. Though it kinda makes you wonder how he’ll display it? Would he display it in front of the boxes to really show off its camouflage, or as is?

source: Otoyan twitter page