As the third Meijin Kawaguchi always said during Gundam Buil Fighters Try, “Gunpla is Freedom!” This saying is especially true for Japanese builder, @kyo512a, who used that freedom to make his Gundam Barbatos GunPla to really look like a 2D illustration.

After completing his custom build, the Gunpla enthusiast then posted the results on twitter. Needless to say, he impressed a lot of people because his work can really fool you into thinking it’s just a 2D illustration.

By using his painting know-how and a lot of attention to detail to his 1/100 scale Barbatos, he was able to pull off such a visual feat. And by placing it in the black background, he truly pulled off that visual magic. Here’s what the GunPla looks like against the black background as compared to a normal workplace background.

And even against a real-life background, his work still looks like a cardboard cut-out! Now that’s skill! And speaking of the Barbatos, he also turned its upgrade, the Gundam Lupus, into 2D!

You can also check out his other creations via his twitter page, @kyo512a