Looks like Amuse and Happy Elements is looking for new seiyuu. In fact, they’re quite specific, as they’re looking for seiyuu who can speak Chinese. This is all for their upcoming multimedia project, Earth Defense Idol Project, which includes a smartphone app and anime.

Applicants must be between 15 – 30 years old, and nationality doesn’t matter. The important this is that they must be able to speak Chinese fluently and also be able to live in Japan. Chosen idols/seiyuu will then move on to get training on singing, dancing, and of course, acting. But applicants better act fast, as the deadline for submission of application is on 11th June.

Those who pass the first wave of the application will then go to Tokyo on 24th June. There, they will do an interview, as well as drama and singing auditions. They will then move to the second day of auditions, which will also include interview, drama, dance, and singing portions. Those chosen will then train in Japan  alongside real idols in order to develop their characters.

Not much information has been revealed about Earth Defense Idol Project, but we do know it will be a smartphone app. What we do know is that they are also planning an anime, music, and live events. They will be distributing the game in Japan, as well as China and several Chinese-speaking territories.

source: Animate Times