Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry has now premiered in Japan, and will also be premiering in Southeast Asia soon. But before that, the GAGA official channel has started streaming a brand new trailer for the film. As expected, the trailer is full of the fiery-hot action that Fairy Tail is known for.

The video also reveals that people who buy tickets for the film for the second week will get an exclusive storyboard book. They will also get bonus mini-posters when they buy tickets this week.

A-1 Pictures animated the film, with Attack on Titan episode director, Tatsuma Minamikawa, directing it. The film will also hot Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia very soon.

This is also the second movie in the franchise, which will also be ending soon. According to an afterword by Hiro Mashima himself, the manga will be ending in two more volumes.

Manga ending image via PKJD