On 12 May 2017, at Tokyo Zepp DiverCity, fhána performed their final stop for the tour, “Looking for the World Atlas Tour 2017”. Starting from April, fhána travelled through Hokkaido, Aichi, Fukuoka and Osaka to perform for their tour. This tour was to mark their growth as a unit, and it opens to a new page for their career.

Making the first step on stage was Kevin Mitsunaga. A loud applause by the audience as they welcome each members on the stage and the audience into the new world by fhána.

The first song, 「Rebuilt World」. This song might a complete opposite meaning compared to the  theme 「World Atlas – The world map」, but fhána chose this song to start: To re-create the world and start the journey from there.

Following that, 「Niji wo Ametara」「Comet Lucifer ~ The Seed and the Sower~」「Wonder Stella」, raised the mood of the crowd. Both fhána and the audience were in great tune, making a really exciting live atmosphere for everyone. At the end of the songs, leader of fhána, Junichi Satou shouted for everyone to join them in the adventure to find the new world.

The 5th song, 「little secret magic」 with leader Satou on the guitar, and the 8th song, 「Anemone no Hana」with towana on the Pianica. With each song being performed with new ideas, you can feel their thoughts for the fans through the beauty of the live performance.

On the 9th song, everyone’s favourite dragon maid, from the Anime 「Kobayashi no Maid Dragon」… would definitely be the opening. As towana joked with the audience and said they would be singing the ending theme song 「Ishuukan Communication」. The ending theme song was originally sang by the voice actresses inside the Anime, being covered by fhána specially at this live.

A heartwarming MC talk by fhána, continuing the 10th song with 「Que Sera Sera」which commemorates their debut. The song was performed lived with different variations, which this time a Kyoto-imaged Ponto-cho was performed.  The same theme that you would find in the 11th single, 「Moon River」.

towana made her first guitar appearance with the following songs, 「Genzaichi」 and 「Moon River」. Together with guitarist yuxuki waga, they took the stage and blew the crowd.

After the song 「calling」, a long and heavy MC talk by the leader Satou about solving the mystery to the story of this tour. Each song meant a great deal to fhána, like how 「Moon River」was made with the frustrations and hppe of them to start over again stronger than ever. How fhána were actually seperated members who joined together to be one, which was a miracle for them.

The talk brings further to a talk about towana, who stood on the same stage one year ago. With the worries that towana might not be able to continue singing due to her health problems then. Right now, fhána was able to overcome all these obstacles, and come back to the stage “Powered-up”. Even each members of fhána were carrying their own problems, similarly to each and everyone of the audiences. This live tour was to bring all these problems into one story, one world, rebuild it and start a new journey from there.

The 17th song, finally the opening song everyone is waiting for. 「Aozora no Rhapsody」was performed and everyone danced in sync. Leader Satou brought our a holder keyboard and joined everyone in the fun.

Finally the last song, 「Kimi to iu Tokuinten [singular you]」. A song that describes everyone crossing a rainbow bridge, to start their adventures.

At the encore, 「The Color to Gray World」「Hikari Mau Fuyu no Hi」「white light」were performed. With the teary finishing MC by each member about their memories of the past year, they announced that they would be releasing a 3rd album, 「World Atlas」, a collection of the journeys they have been on so far.

They finish off with gratitude and sang the song 「Outside of Melancholy ~Yuutsu no Mukou Gawa」.

“Looking for the World Atlas Tour 2017”
5月12日(金)Zepp Diver City
Set List

M-1 Rebuilt World
M-2 Niji wo Ametara
M-3 Comet Lucifer ~The Seed and the Sower~
M-4 Wonder Stella
M-5 little secret magic
M-6 Critique & Curation
M-7 Antivirus
M-8 Anemone no Hana
M-9 Ishuukan Communication
M-10 Que Sera Sera – Ponto-cho ver.~
M-11 Genzaichi
M-12 Moon River
M-13 calling
M-14 Releaf
M-15 divine intervention
M-16 Hoshikuzu no Interlude
M-17 Aozora no Rhapsody
M-18 Kimi to iu Tokuinten[singular you]

EN-1 The Color to Gray World
EN-2 Hikari Mau Fuyu no Hi ni
EN-3 white light
WEN-1 Outside of Melancholy ~Yuutsu no Mukou Gawa~

Source : lisani.jp