Mamoru Oshii has made a name for himself as one of Japan’s top anime directors, with works like Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell. He’s also quite an avid gamer, but it seems he often plays video games a little too much . This is because the director got a bit addicted to Fallout 4, which resulted in him missing a deadline.

The director recently gave the game much love on the Japanese website, AutomatonOshii talked about his thoughts on the game, as well as his own tactics. It really does seem that the legendary anime director became quite enamored by Fallout 4. For quite some time, Fallout 4 became serious business for him… too serious in fact. However, this led him to neglect an upcoming article he was supposed to write.

 Oshii also runs an online magazine called “Making Half the World Angry,” where he also talked about the game. However, thanks to Fallout 4, the magazine’s next issue is now delayed. He also posted his text messages between him and the magazine’s manager.

In the back-and-forth, the Fallout 4 addict told the his manager that they’ll have to delay the articles’s release for six more days. His manager then asked Oshii for an official statement, to which he replied “Sorry”. The director then admitted that he played too much Fallout 4 to get things done. Oh, and his manager also asked Oshii to treat him to sushi next time. Hey, if the guy you’re working with made things complicated for you, you have to ask him to treat you sushi, right?

And the moral of the story? Gaming is good, but don’t play too much… or you’ll have to pay for it in sushi.

Source: @oshimaga twitter page