It seems like Hollywood has its hands on yet another Japanese anime/manga adaptation. This time, it’s Saint Seiya’s turn to get its own Hollywood adaptation. According to Japanese movie news website, Eiga, Masami Kuromada’s bestselling shounen manga series is getting its own live-action Hollywood film.

They also revealed that the Academy Award-nominated Polish director, Tomasz Bagiński, will be directing the film. Meanwhile, Toei Animation and Chinese distribution company A Really Good Film Company (ARGF), will both be producing it. In fact, Toei’s Kozo Morishita will be serving as the executive producer, while Yoshiyuki Ikezawa will be serving as producer.

So far, they still haven’t revealed the cast, but expect the staff to announce them in the days ahead. The movie will be based on Masami Kuromada’s Saint Seiya manga, which ran on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1986 to 1990. It follows Seiya, who gets the power to don the sacred cloth of Pegasus. With his newfound power, he becomes one of the universe’s defenders, as well as fighting for the goddess, Athena.

source: Eiga