Remember Grape-kun, that adorable little Humboldt Penguin who fell in love with his Kemono Friends counterpart? He just had one very special visitor, as Hululu herself, seiyuu Ikuko Chikuta, visited the enamored bird. She also posted her visit to Tobu Zoo in her twitter page.

Chikuta met with the penguin who fell in love with her character, and gave Grape-kun so love back. She also said that he really stays beside Hululu like a child. Kinda makes you wonder what might have happened if the zookeepers let her into the enclosure. Lets just say that few HARDCORE FANS would get as much loving as Grape-kun.

And Ikuko Chikuta doesn’t just voice Humboldt Penguin aka Hululu in the TV anime, but will also play her in the upcoming Kemono Friends live-action stage play. The Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX in Tokyo will host the play from 14th – 18th July. It will also feature the other seiyuu from the anime reprising their respective roles in live-action.

And yes, as a member of the PPP, she also performed the TV anime’s OP. Congratulations Grape-kun, you got your waifu’s attention!