Heads up Pokefans travelling along the Touhoku region, because JR East has something special in store. They are now bringing back their Ofunato line’s “Pokemon with You Train”, which travels across Touhoku. However, this return will feature a new theme that encourages both children and parents to enjoy riding the train together with Pokemon.

The new train car design will not only feature Pokemon in its exterior but in the interior as well. It will also feature a playroom inside one of the cars for the kids to enjoy. And yes, the kids at heart can enjoy it too!

JR East first launched the “Pokemon with You Train” back in 2012, during the Black and White generation of games. It now concluded service after 4 years and 5 months last 7th May. Like the new design, it also featured Pokemon designs in both the exterior and interior. It carried over 40,000 people to their destinations over its long run.

As for the new train itself, it will begin service on 15th July 2017. It will make its runs especially during the weekends, as well as the summer when parents and their kids are together. Its route will take passengers along the Ofunato line, from  Ichinoseki Station to Kesennuma Station and vice-versa. The stations along the line will also be donning some Pocket Monster themes too.

source: anime! anime!