Legendary mangaka and Guinness World Record holder, Osamu Akimoto, may have ended KochiKame, but he’s still going strong with his manga creations. In fact, he has a few ongoing series, including a Western titled Black Tiger, Ii Yu Da Ne. Now, the mangaka did a crossover with a recent Western film starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt called “The Magnificent Seven”. To be exact, he drew an artwork featuring Denzel Washinton’s character from the film alongside Black Tiger herself.

The illustration not only promotes the manga, but also Magnificent Seven’s Japanese Blu-ray/DVD release. The Kinokuniya Shoten Shinjuku book store will then display it on 23rd May.

Set in post-Civil War United States, Akimoto’s latest manga follows a female gunslinger known as Black Tiger. She’s a bounty hunter with the licence to kill, and she’s hunting down wanted Confederate criminals. She’s really skilled, but she’s going up against criminals with very dangerous and unique weaponry.

source: Comic Natalie