Kyoto Animation owes much of its success to the fans. That is why the famous anime studio, together with Studio Do, hold a fan event in Kyoto every year. Now, they’ve finally revealed new details about this year’s edition. Kyoto’s Miyako Messe will once again host the event, which is also KyoAni’s third event for the fans. They also revealed a brand new key visual featuring some very familiar KyoAni anime stars.

Compared to last year’s visual, this new one adds A Silent Voice, Violet Evergarden, and of course, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It still features characters from Free, Chuunibyou, Sound Euphonium, and more.

But that’s not all that they’re planning. From 21 – 22 October 2017, they will be holding showcases for Violet Evergarden, as well as Free – Take Your Make. They will hold that event over at Rohm Theater Kyoto, where they will also hold a Sound Euphonium concert.

As for the Miyako Messe event, they will be holding it from 28th until 29th October. Expect announcements for KyoAni works during the event, as well as details for the new Chuunibyou film. Who knows? Maybe they’ll finally reveal more details for Violet Evergarden!