Bandai Namco’s PlayStation 2 classic JRPG, Tales of the Abyss, is also getting itself a live-action stage play adaptation. Now, the staff finally revealed the play’s cast in costume, which also includes seiyuu Daisuke Hirose. The cast comprises of the following actors:

Kota Iwaki as Luke Fon Fabre and Sena as Tear Grants

Shunichi Takahashi as Jade Curtiss and Chihiro Kai as Anise Tatlin

Kou Hosokawa as Guy Cecil and Fuyuna Asakura as Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

Saki Takahashi as Ion and Yuya Arai as Asch

Ryoji as Van Grants and Daisuke Hirose as Aslan Frings

The play will be part of the franchise’s Tales of Festival at the Yokohama Arena on 2nd June. It will boast some pretty spectacular dancing and acrobatics which will surely dazzle the fans.

Tetsuharu is directing the play, as well as writing its music and also choreographing. The game also received a TV anime adaptation back in 2008, as well as a Nintendo 3DS port, along with various manga adaptations.

source: Animate Times