Brace yourselves Tokyo Ghoul fans, because the official website for the live-action movie just revealed a special announcement. Before the movie makes its Japanese premiere, the staff and cast will hold a launch event in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. But what makes this launch event special is that they’re streaming it worldwide via YouTube.

And it seems that they’re really serious about this worldwide streaming thing. This is evident in the official website’s announcement, which they also made in English.  They also announced the instructions on when and how to view the streaming event, as well as the event’s guests. These include Masataka Kubota and director Kentaro Hagiwara, as well as mangaka Sui Ishida, who will be joining via the internet. Fans watching online can also participate in the event’s question and answer portion as well. They can post their questions while watching the stream.

It is our great pleasure to announce the big project of the live action film of “Tokyo Ghoul” to the fans all over the world. We are going to hold the launch event on June 2nd 18:30-19:30 (Japan Time) before the world release on July 29, which will be broadcast live to the whole world simultaneously.

We will have Masataka Kubota who stars as Ken Kaneki, Kentaro Hagiwara who directed this film, and other guests. The author of the original Sui Ishida also will join through the Internet. In addition to such big guests, there will be a special screening of a clip that has never been public.

We will also have a question and answer session between the guests and fans throughout the world.
Furthermore, we will announce new information such as the “Tokyo Ghoul” program we will be hosting at You Tube Space Tokyo.

We are welcoming questions and supporters’ comments to the guests. You can post them from the following URL:

★Questions and supportive comments wanted!
Please post questions and support comments to the guest from chat.
※You need to login on to your YouTube account.
※Please post from the YouTube app or from the PC browser.
※The comment function is available only when viewing from the PC browser or from the YouTube app

<How to display the chat screen>
●YouTube App
It is displayed at the bottom of the smartphone screen.
●PC browser
It is displayed on the right side of the delivery page.

★Viewing Reservation
※Reservation is only available on PC browser and YouTube app.
※Even if you don’t make a reservation, you are able to view the live broadcast by accessing the URL

<How to make a viewing reservation.>
1.Turn on the notification function of your YouTube account
※Click on your icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
Then Click on [Setting] and select [Notifications].

2.Click on [Set Reminder button that is displayed on the live streaming page.
When the button switches to [Reminder on], viewing reservation is completed.

The event will be on 2nd June at around 18:30 Japan Time. That’s about 7:30 pm here in Singapore, so make so you don’t miss it.