Back in April 2007, Lucky Star not only made a lot of people laugh, but it also changed the anime industry landscape. Now, as the Kyoto Animation classic celebrates its 10th anniversary, they revealed that they’re also releasing a new soundtrack CD! This new CD will contain over 50 songs across a total of four discs.

The CD collection will not only feature the OP and various ED songs, but character songs as well. Yes folks, that means that the anime’s iconic and meme-inspiring OP, Motteke! Sailor Fuku! is also part of the collection.

Ahhhh, that song certainly brings back memories, huh? Fans have parodies and even made memes out the the songs and its scenes.

It will also contain a booklet featuring interviews with some of the anime’s musical staff, including composer Satoru Kousaki, lyricist Aki Hata, and music producer Shigeru Saitou. The collection will also feature new Lucky Star artworks as well.

Containing 52 tracks, the Lucky Star 10th anniversary CD collection costs 6,500 yen. Lantis will be releasing it in Japan on 8th August 2017.

source: Nijimen