DMM (Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu games) have launched their own animation label called DMM Pictures. One of their first projects is an anime about anime fans called Anime-Gataris, which also has its own PV:

The anime centers on the so-called “Anime Research Club” and its members, which include Minoa Asagaya, a novice fan. Other members also include hardcore fan, Arisu Kamiigusa, and Miko Kouenji. Together, the trio talk about anime, as well as visit some sacred anime pilgrimage sites together. However, they have to take on their school’s student council who wants to disband their club.

The anime stars Kaede Hondo as Minoa Asagaya (center), as well as Sayaka Senbongi as Arisu Kamiigusa (right). It also stars Hisaka Toujou as Miko Kouenji (left). The anime’s staff also revealed that Rie Takahashi will be joining the cast as Yui Obata.

Wao World will be producing the animation for this TV anime, while Kenshirou Morii is directing it. The anime will be premiering sometime in fall 2017.

source: Otasuke