In Is the Order a Rabbit, there’s this eternal question, Coffee or Green Tea? Well, either way, both of them might go well with the anime’s latest collaborations featuring steak and Chinese food. This is because the popular moe series has teamed up with Chinese restaurant, Bamiyan, as well as Western restaurant, Steak Gusto.

Skylark Co. Ltd. owns both restaurants, and thy’re also offering some special treats. Both Bamiyan and Steak Gusto will be featuring special Is the Order a Rabbit-themed menu items. They will also distribute special button pins featuring Cocoa, Chino, Chia, Rize, and Sharo. For Bamiyan, the characters wear china dresses, while Steak Gusto has them wearing cowboy outfits.

However, they will be distributing them in limited quantity. Skylark will be officially launching the collaboration from 8th June, and end on 19th July. And since this is “Is the Order a Rabbit” we’re talking about… we’re gonna ask THAT question. Coffee or Green Tea?

Never gets old!

source: 0takomu